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NASA Reveals Massive Dimensions of Perseverance

NASA shared a selfie taken by Perseverance, its new rover on Mars. The photo in question shows how massive Perseverance was compared to NASA’s first Mars rover.

US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the newest navigator on Mars Perseverancea “selfieAnd reminded those who do not know how enormous the spacecraft is.

NASAWhen we look at the photo shared by, we see Perseverance taking the photo on the right; on the left, behind Perseverance The first helicopter to take off on an extraterrestrial planet aiming to be Ingenuity is seen.

Perseverance stays giant next to Mars helicopter Ingenuity

Photo, NASAIt reveals the dimensional development of the travelers sent by ‘to Mars. Because NASA’s first eye and ear landing on the Red Planet in 1997 SojournerWas the same size as the “space helicopter” called Ingenuity.

Although the photo is not very suitable for a dimensional comparison in terms of perspective, when we take a rough look Perseverancenext to Ingenuity gigantic We can see that it remains. The main reason for this is that Ingenuity, which has similar dimensions to the Sojourner, has approximately the size of a microwave oven, while Perseverance has a car size to be.


NASA Shares The Scary Sounds Perseverance Moves On Mars [Video]

As you can see from the wheel marks on the ground, Perseverance, an important task It is not very stable on Mars it undertakes. However, nowadays, the reconnaissance vehicle is mostly prepared for Ingenuity and the space helicopter take the test flight for the first time waiting.

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