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The Fascinating Story of the Polar Star Polaris

Polaris, also called the Polar or North Star, has been standing in the sky for thousands of years and guiding us. So how long will the Polaris Pole Star stay there? We shared with you all the details about Polaris by evaluating the explanations of the experts.

You can change your home, work, circle of friends or even yourself to some extent, but when you turn your eyes to the north of the sky after dark at night, it is always there. Knowing that you will encounter the Polaris Pole Star It will give you confidence. Polaris Pole Star It guides all travelers, especially sailors, and adventurers who have lost their way for thousands of years, giving them the same confidence it has given us.

Located in the northern part of the sky on the Northern Hemisphere, called the North Celestial Pole. Polaris was not always the Pole Star. Thousands of years ago we were giving this name to another star, and thousands of years from now, we will give this name to another star. Polaris Pole Star We shared all the remarkable details obtained as a result of the observations of astronomers about.

What is the Polaris “Pole Star”?

Before going into details, if we need to make a general definition, Polaris; Also called the North or the Pole Star, it is the constellation of the North Celestial Pole above the Northern Hemisphere that always points to the north in a constant and bright way. Yes, Polaris does not consist of a single star. To us the Pole Star always pointing north, it is actually a constellation made up of three different stars.

The triad that we call the Pole Star in the constellation Ursa Minor; It consists of Polaris A, Polaris Ab and Polaris B stars. The Polaris Pole Star is also very close to a group of stars called the Big Dipper. Even though we know him as the brightest star, actually it is the 50th brightest star. Perhaps the reason we know it most brilliant is because we have seen it for thousands of years.

If you know which direction the Pole Star is pointing, you will know everything:

polaris polar star

The Polaris Pole Star that has been gazing at us for thousands of years with all its glory at the North Celestial Pole on the Northern Hemisphere, With a deviation of about 0.45 degrees, it points exactly north. To find the latitude of your location, simply measure the angle between the northern horizon and Polaris.

When you open your arms by turning your face to the Pole Star, your front is north, your back is south, your right is east, and your left is west. When you look at Polaris from Ecuador With the northern horizon, you see that it is in one piece, ie at 0 degrees, and when you look at Polaris from the North Pole, it is right at your top, that is, 90 degrees.

The Polaris Pole Star is known to everyone, as most of the people on Earth live in the Northern Hemisphere. For those living in the Southern Hemisphere There is no South Star they can use to navigate. They can’t even see Polaris. Southern Hemisphere people will not see such a star for about 2 thousand years.

The Pole Star is far and far away from us:

polaris polar star

Polaris consisting of three different stars a small constellation We said it was. Polaris A, one of these three, is about six times larger than the Sun. Polaris Ab is 2 billion years older than Polaris A. The distance between Polaris A and Polaris B is estimated to be approximately 240 billion miles. Polaris A and Polaris B are dwarf stars with the same temperature.

With Polaris, formed by this trio and which we call the Pole Star there is about 430 light-years distance between us estimated. Polaris is a supergiant star and its full brightness is equivalent to approximately 2500 Solar brightness. There is no other explanation for how strong it can shine even from light-years away.

The history of the Polar Star is not just made up of Polaris:

polaris polar star

Since the days of their existence, people have looked at the sky for many different reasons and found their way with the help of stars, prepared a calendar, established an agricultural order, and even made prophecies. But when we look to the north, the star we see and call the Pole Star, it wasn’t always Polaris. About 5,000 years ago to the Egyptians, the Pole Star was a star named Thuban in the constellation Dragon Draco.

Thuban was not even as bright as Polaris, but according to the conditions of the time, it was the Pole Star. As stars move just like everything else in space, Thuban was replaced by Polaris, our current star, after a while. Same way about 10 thousand years from now Polaris will be replaced by a star named Vega in the constellation Lyra. Moreover, Vega will be the brightest Pole Star ever seen.

Is the Pole Star moving?

polaris polar star

Like everything in space, the Polar Star Polaris is in motion. Moreover if you look carefully you can see this movement. As a result of the series of photos or videos taken with the Polar Star in focus, it has been seen that Polaris draws a small circle by moving around itself.

In fact, we can see the movement of all stars, but there is such a great distance between us that we cannot perceive it with our eyes. Sometimes we can see the motion of stars other than Polaris for different reasons. If we live long enough and If we don’t take our eyes off Polaris for a moment we can witness its disappearance and the passage of Vega in its place.

Is the Pole Star enough to navigate?

polaris polar star

Whether the Polar Star Polaris is enough to navigate depends on exactly how many pinpoints you want to find a direction. The Pole Star always points north. While your front is north, your back is south, your right is east, and your left is west. So when you find Polaris, you will have a primitive compass.

This primitive compass method has been a life saver for past time sailors. Calculating the angle between the Pole Star and the northern horizon and finding the latitude was an event that could almost be regarded as a miracle for a while. However, exact location detection, It is possible with the intersection of latitude and longitude. For this reason, knowing only latitude has not helped seafarers for thousands of years. In the mid-1700s, maritime was able to gain some momentum only with modern navigation methods.

Regardless, the Polaris Pole Star has remained in place for thousands of years and will stand still for thousands of years. It fascinates people. The balance of nature does not change even in space; one star dies, another comes in its place with all its brilliance. The constant is the bright, ever-extinguishing light we see in that north.

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