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Lake Van Photograph, Finalist in NASA’s Photography Contest

A photograph of Lake Van taken in 2016 made it to the finals in NASA’s “World Tournament” photo contest. The image taken from the International Space Station, which has managed to eliminate 30 photos so far, will compete with a very ambitious image called “Stars in Motion”.

In one of our content we shared with you recently, organized by NASA “World Tournamentfrom a tournament named ” we mentioned. What makes this tournament, which is traditionally held every year, special is that a photo of Lake Van taken from space has reached the semi-finals. We even told you how to vote for Lake Van that day. The effort has paid off. Van LakeThe photo of ‘, taken from space, has reached the final, leaving its opponent behind.

In the contest, which started with 32 photos in total, International Space Station(ISS), there were impressive images from each other. The photograph of Lake Van, which surpassed its 28 rivals in the first stages of the competition, was faced with the image of the Bahamas in the semi-finals. The image that succeeded in eliminating the opponent in the semi-final with your contributions, now “Stars in MotionHe will compete fiercely with a photograph titled “which is very impressive.

Van Lake photo taken from the ISS and making it to the finals of the World Tournament looks like this

By an astronaut named Kate Rubins, who made it to the finals of the World Tournament. In 2016 The photograph taken has announced Lake Van, which has the title of being the world’s largest soda lake, to the world. If we don’t ignore how sensitive our citizens are about this, even a photo that it will make our breasts swell we can say clearly.


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What you need to do to vote for the Van Lake photo

If you also want to support the Van Lake photo, which has managed to leave 30 photos behind since the beginning of the tournament, Until April 12 You will be able to vote. To vote for the photo, only here Reach the link and click the button that says “Submit Your Ballot” after taking the photo of Lake Van. We look forward to the day when we will share the results with you …

Source :,JXYkxZWWP0O1m44VVVHAFA/a0RBuCVlkESUb4uBuWU3kA

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