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First Color Photo Receives From Mars Helicopter Ingenuity

Final tests of the Ingenuity, the first helicopter to be aired on another planet, are underway. The first color images taken from the camera of this small vehicle reached the world.

One of the institutions that continues to work for the discovery of the Red Planet Mars. NASA. The agency launched the Perseverance surface vehicle, which includes the names of millions of Turks, and the small helicopter called Ingenuity, to Mars in the past months and started work.

Located in the Jezero crater the first images taken with the camera of the small helicopter also reached our planet. In this low-resolution photo from the camera of the vehicle that has not yet been lifted, both Perseverance’s wheels are partially in the frame.

First photo from Ingenuity

Images are from Perseverance, when the small helicopter-like vehicle was placed on the planetary surface on April 3. leaving completely It was taken after a very short time. The vehicle is planned to capture a few more frames of higher quality in test flights.

In its recent work on the Red Planet, NASA collect dust, soil and rock samples plans. These collected samples will then be brought to Earth for study on a mission to be carried out by the European Space Agency.


Perseverance finds a strange rock on Mars that scientists could not identify

Also in the studies Mars astrobiology work will be done on it. The purpose of these studies was explained as to reveal the traces of microbial life that may have lived on the surface of the planet in the past.

Travel to Mars on the moon



Countdown has begun for Marmara University’s “Future 4.0” Event

Starting in 2020 Perseverance mission is part of NASA’s approach to exploration from the Moon to Mars. In Artemis, one of the other missions that are part of this approach, the aim will be to go to the Moon.

NASA is not the only organization with Mars at its target. Led by Elon Musk SpaceX strives hard to become the first private company to colonize the Red Planet. Perhaps we will witness the first humans landing on Mars in the not too distant future.

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