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Elon Musk Explains Why Starship SN11 Exploded

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk explained why the Starship SN11 exploded. According to Musk’s statements, a small methane leak caused the huge rocket to blow up.

The world’s largest private space company SpaceXcontinues the launch tests of the huge rocket Starship, which aims to take people to the Moon and Mars. Finally on 30 March Starship SN11 The company, which carried out a launch test with the rocket When it explodes on its descent Once again he had not achieved his goal.

Billionaire businessperson, founder of SpaceX Elon MuskBy making new statements on the Twitter account about the accident that could not be displayed due to heavy fog and camera malfunctions, Starship SN11 why it exploded explained.

After a follower asked how the investigation on the SN11 was going, Musk responded. “A relatively small CH4 (methane) leak caused a fire in the second engine and some of the electronic systems fried. This resulted in an increase in the flammable gas pressure in the CH4’s propellant pump as the vehicle began its descent. “ explained the reason for the SN11’s explosion.

What happened to the Starship SN11?

The Starship SN11, launched from the SpaceX space base in the US state of Texas, rose about 10 kilometers after a successful take-off and then began to land. On the rocket during landing malfunction of camerasThe detonation of the rocket could not be fully visualized due to the fact that the cameras outside the launch base could not receive images due to fog. After all, in the fog an orange glowfollowed by fragments of debris scattered around.

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