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A Site That Shows That Artificial Intelligence Cannot Understand Emotions

A website funnily reveals that artificial intelligence has a serious problem in understanding people’s emotions by looking at their facial expressions.

One day tomorrow wondering whether he will wage war on humanity, solve the mysteries of human nature from artificial intelligence At least right now there is no need to be afraid. Because artificial intelligence has many problems and one of them is the inability to recognize facial expressions.

In fact, technology companies and especially large companies want not only facial recognition technology, but also to understand your mood from your facial expression. It is not very easy to achieve this, and according to most scientists, there is a mistake in the basis of artificial intelligence. Cambridge UniversityResearchers from Turkey also demonstrated this with a website.

What does the computer know about the state?

When you go to this website, your feelings how it is detected by your computer you can see. The game will ask you to show six different emotions (happiness, sadness, fear, surprise, disgust, and anger).

If you have a good command of your facial expressions, with your fake facial expressions Face recognition system of artificial intelligence you can dodge When you understand how the algorithm thinks (the decision mechanism), you can get very funny results, and sometimes you can see that you cannot get a reaction even if you make very exaggerated expressions.


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Creator of the site, one of the researchers Alexa Hagerty He says they want to reveal exactly this situation. Artificial intelligence does not understand human emotions, it only draws mathematical conclusions from facial expressions.

Facial expression doesn’t tell everything


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Hagerty said in a statement about the study that these technologies are based on what people experience. because of the assumption that it can be clearly understood. stated that it was found. He added that previous studies have also obtained data showing that this approach is not correct.

Indeed, people’s emotions and facial expressions do not always match. Some people start laughing at major traumas. An expression called crying out of happiness is also in our language. Machines, on the other hand, make inferences instantly. In another game on the site, that machines cannot distinguish You can experiment with another thing: blinking and blinking.

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