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10 Interesting Products That Are Realized By Collecting Money From The Internet

Dozens of new interesting projects and products continue to appear every day on crowdfunding platforms. We have listed for you the most interesting products that have appeared on these platforms during the month of March.

Last month, we came across popular crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme. l interesting productsWe prepared a content we wanted. As you know, dozens of new projects and products are offered to donors every day to be implemented on such platforms. As a result, new products are constantly added to the list of interesting products.

Over the past month, we have prepared a list of the 10 most interesting products that have appeared on these platforms. Again very interesting and ‘on our listI need one of this‘and’ now what was the need for this? ‘ There are projects in taste. Come this is the one who awaits support and is confident 10 projects Let’s take a look together.

Thinking Egg II: Eggs designed using natural materials that remind (!) To be calm and calm:

At the top of our list is a product that we don’t quite understand exactly how it ‘works’ and why it managed to garner support. Thinking Egg IIintroduced itself as “a tool that will remind you to enjoy the moment and stay calm in the flow of our busy daily life”. We can see that the subject he deals with is a very remarkable subject. We are also aware of the negative effects of today’s busy daily life and increasing stress levels on human and social psychology. So there is no problem up to this point.

Thinking Egg II says it will help the person using it to solve this problem, it will be a reminder but the problem is that does not tell how to do it. If you think that holding a ‘toy’ made of some materials such as tiny egg-shaped natural stones can help you in this regard, you can visit the Thinking Egg II’s fundraising page by clicking here, and you may be surprised how it has received a support of $ 422,289 so far.

Hunu: Portable cup that fits in your pocket:

Our next product belongs to the other category, that is, products that make me say ‘I need one from this’. Especially who spend a lot of time outside And if you are someone who is consuming coffee and tea in cardboard cups constantly, you may have gotten yourself a thermos as the solution. However, these thermoses are also generally large and carrying can be a problem from time to time.

Hunu also provided a solution that you can carry with you comfortably and that will contribute to the nature by preventing you from adding one more to the increasing waste pile every day. closing like an accordion He designed a glass.

Numilk: ‘milk machine’ that allows you to prepare your own herbal milk in 1 minute:

In recent years, a big agenda has been created regarding the effects of animal food production on nature, and we have often started to talk about the harms of this industry to the planet. This item on the agenda brought along the vegan diet to become a much more popular diet. Like soy milk, almond milk vegetable milks has become quite popular among both vegan diets and those who use it because they think it is ‘healthier’.

Numilk serves exactly this purpose and provides its users in less than a minute. to make their own fresh herbal milk at home promises. You can prepare your fresh herbal milk in a short time by placing the mixture sachets prepared by Numilk into the machine with water and pressing a button.

The Couch Console: A practical ‘sofa table’:

Thanks to the pandemic, many of us have been home for a long time, even for work. In this process, we spent the most time on the top of the sofa or in the bed with computers in our lap. The Couch Console people who noticed this situation, the glasses falling, lost controls and chips spilled between the seats. as a solution produced.

Thanks to its split structure, The Couch Console can meet many needs at the same time. a handle that prevents the glass from tipping over, It can be a bowl for your snacks, a phone holder, and a compartment where you can store the controls. While doing these, it manages to stand firmly on all surfaces that are likely to be shaken.

Bumruk: The world’s first lightweight and portable ‘backpack chair’:

Again, we have an extremely innovative product on our list for an extremely important need. On the beach, in the park, in the garden those who can not find a seat Developed for Bumruk, it looks like a practical chair or lounge chair with its adjustable backrest.

Can be carried by mounting on the backpack a light chair Bumruk resembles a folded ironing board in terms of its design. It claims to be the most comfortable ‘backpack’ you have ever sat, thanks to the backrest that you can adjust to the level you want.

21 Pilow: Extremely comfortable pillow ?:

There have been moments when we all struggled to find the right shape for the pillow under our heads. 21 Pillow is a pillow designed to solve this problem and It changes shape according to usage.

One part of the 21 Pillow, which consists of two parts, is mostly used to support the back, while the other part is developed to support the neck and these two parts are separated from each other. It can also be used as two separate pillows.

Bowio: stylish book reading light:

Reading lights are actually a product that seems to have always existed, and many of us have used this type of product at some point in our lives. Bowio is basically a simple book reading light but it has been improved a bit more, especially at the point of design.

Another feature of Bowio, which is fixed to the book and illuminates the pages read with the lights scattered at the top adjustable with a button above the light level. Although it looks beautiful, Bowio said, “Well, was it necessary?” managed to be one of the products that make you say.

ChessUp: A chessboard that teaches by showing you the moves you can make:

As you know, chess has not seen for a long time, especially last year. had a great interest. In fact, chess sales reached incredible levels, and this was news. ChessUp is also a successful product that we think can benefit from the growing popularity of chess.

When you tap any of the chess pieces to make a move, it can be made according to the difficulty with different colors on ChessUp’s board. possible moves appear. This makes ChessUp a fun option for those who want to learn or improve their game.

Trigger Point: a support product developed for back, waist and neck:

Trigger Point, which at first glance looks like the sole of a giant crampon, by a physical therapist supporting the back, waist and neck, to relieve pain developed. In fact, there are many products used to relieve pain by supporting these areas, but Trigger Point’s claim One product for all these regions to be the only option offered.

The physiotherapist, who is also the developer, for his product ‘warrantyand offers a return option to those who are not satisfied.

Reevo: High security e-bike:

Electric bicycles Products that have increased in popularity in recent years and have started to gain a place in city life. Reevo is a new product that aims to participate with the innovations it has brought to the electric bicycle caravan and has received almost 4 million dollars of support.

Fingerprint scanner Reevo, which aims to prevent situations such as stolen thanks to its opening and closing system, sends a notification to your phone when someone tries to move your bike and notifies the situation. It is also possible to track the bike via GPS. If you want to take a look at all the other innovative features of Reevo, you can visit the Indiegogo page of the product here.

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