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‘Game Mode’ Coming to Chrome OS

The most important point that the Chromebooks with the Chrome OS operating system, which Google released 10 years ago, fell behind in the competition was the game performance. According to new reports, Google has started working to close the gap in this issue and a ‘game mode’ will soon come to Chrome OS.

Chromebooks with Google’s Chrome OS operating system gained a serious popularity especially in 2020 and even Leaving behind Windows and macOS devices it was ranked first on the list of best selling laptops.

With this development, Chromebooks have become a critical gain gate for Google, It is heavily used for business and it cannot provide a healthy performance yet at the point of play. Of course, one of the critical reasons at this point is that Chromebooks are generally devices with lower hardware, but Chrome OS does not provide support for many games outside of the hardware point. For example, it is not yet possible to play hundreds of games on Steam on Chromebooks. However, according to some reports, Google will soon solve this problem and also an active option in the game market aims to make it.

The new Game Mode is expected to come with more powerful Chromebooks:


Acer Introduces New Affordable Chromebook Series

Aiming to make Chromebooks an option for gamers, Google’s will come with more powerful hardware It is known to work for Chromebooks. Game Mode can also be added to Chrome OS along with these powerful Chromebooks. Supports Steam games It is thought to provide.

Game mode in Chrome OS, which Google has been working on with Valve for a while ‘BorealisIt will be provided with a virtual machine named ‘. Borealis, Steam games Optimizing for Chrome OS it will ensure that all games run smoothly. Although it is not yet clear when this feature and also the new Chromebooks that will allow games to be played with high performance, it is not clear yet. It marks the end of 2021.

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