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A New Method Has Been Developed To Detect The Missing Item

A scientist and his team from the University of Sydney have developed a new method that can be used to detect missing baryonic matter, which is in our models of the universe, but we could not detect by measuring its presence.

According to the models of the universe we have developed so far, as much as 95 percent of the universe made up of dark matter and dark energy. Dark matter and dark energy are still largely mysterious, as you know.

The remaining 5 percent of the universe is the source of everything else.normal itemIt consists of baryonic matter that we can call ‘. After the measurements carried out in the 90s, this despite the rate of 5 percentAt this point, we come across another unknown. Because scientists have found that baryonic matter makes up 5 percent of the universe. they could only detect half of them. In other words, even baryonic matter, which is a substance that we can actually describe, we are only aware of half yet.

There are many studies examining baryonic substance:

Many scientists are working on this matter, which is in the 5 percent of our universe, but half of which we have not yet detected, using different methods, and to be able to measure this substance. trying various methods.

Yuanming Wang, who is a PhD in physics at the University of Sydney, is one of the scientists who studies to measure baryonic matter. has developed an important method.

Studies using the ASKAP Radio Telescope help detect missing baryonic matter:

ASKAP radio telescope

Wang, who carried out the research together with many scientists who carried out research on this subject, also found that the baryonic substance that could not be detected was largely in the form of clouds of cold gas between galaxies thinks it is involved.

These huge clouds of gas are in themselves Because they do not emit visible light and are very cold it cannot be detected by conventional methods. However, Wang and his team think that they are one step closer to detecting gas clouds with their work.


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Located in australia ASKAP radio telescope In order to detect gas clouds that cannot be detected because they do not emit light and are very cold, using the galaxies behind them as ‘needles’ and information about the gas clouds is obtained through measurements made on them and the trace they left on it. This helps to detect more clouds of cold gas and allows the lost normal matter of our universe to be measured more quickly.

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